Lidl Headquarters Building (Linhó)

LIDL Headquarters in Portugal, with a basement and 3 floors for offices, developed over 8 months with the LIDL International's building development group. We aimed to develop a high energy performance building, good environmental and acoustic comfort, as well as environmental and sustainability awareness.

The building was developed with the involvement of the company’s management in Portugal, with social and sustainability concerns and includes outdoor area with an athletics track, gym and sanitary facilities dedicated to sports, as well as a restaurant with covered terrace, outdoor lounge and electric recharging stations for cars.

The first study presented was based on an American ASHRAE 189.1 High Performance Green Buildings standard, which proposed innovative building energy management solutions, a passive analysis of the buildng as well as energy systems.

These include studies of natural lighting and dimmable artificial lighting, building’s shading, opening of spans for natural ventilation, optimization of insulation in construction and glass with good characteristics.

HVAC system included 4-tube cascade chillers with heat recovery, equipment with variable speed for energy distribution and air handling units, providing fresh air according to the CO2 levels.

Regarding indoor and outdoor artificial lighting, was used LED technology, modelled in Dialux for lighting density optimization.

Enes team was responsible for all engineering projects, including the building’s energy management system and solar and photovoltaic systems.

The energy certification was also our responsibility us and the building obtained class A+.

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