who we are

We are an independent company of Design Engineers and Consultants, leveraging all synergies in order to create value for our clients. Combining technical and social skills, we have assembled a team of employees with high professional capacity and always with the aim of better serving our client.

We have a wide range of professional and specialized services in any real estate investment.

about us

At Enes – Consulting Engineering, we aim to serve the market with autonomy, suitability and professional ethics, in order to be a reference in the national and international market. The size of projects carried out and in progress has evolved positively over the last few years, which reflects our positioning.

Our range of services includes:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Projects, using BIM methodology
  • Energy and Audits Certifications, within the scope of the SCE and SGCIE
  • Building Sustainability Assessment, according to BREEAM, LiderA, LEED and Well Design methodologies
  • TDD – Technical Due Diligence
  • Aqua+ Certification
  • Lighting Design


Our clients, both private and public entities, are present in the most varied sectors of activity, with our focus being on the following areas:

  • Residential Buildings and Houses;
  • Office and Commercial Buildings;
  • Shopping and Leisure Centres;
  • Hospitality;
  • Business Condominiums and Industrial Buildings;
  • Concession of light and heavy vehicles;
  • Institutional Buildings: Colleges, Hospital Units, Museums, Schools, etc.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to get the job done, combining the acquired know-how with the best practices, always bearing in mind the search of an excellence final result and our client satisfaction.

Our Vision is that there is always an opportunity to achieve excellence in the final result.

Quality Policy

For us, the Management System is a strategic factor that allows the recognition of the company in the market, in order to ensure the satisfaction of the needs, expectations and requirements of our clients.

The global answer is decisive for the success of our company. Enes management is involved with the continuous improvement objectives, such as rigor commitment, zeal and diligence, having as main orientations:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Compliance with requirements specified and agree with Customers;
  • Quality compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, associated with the activities developed;
  • Searching the continuous improvement of our competencies, qualifying and raising awareness, and the quality of service delivery;
  • Searching the continuous improvement of Enes Quality Management System;
  • The promotion of a controlled cost management associated to various company activities, as a way of ensuring its sustainable development;
  • Allocate the technical, financial and human resources necessary for the implementation and maintenance of the Management System;  
  • Providing the active involvement of our employees;
  • Qualification and awareness of all employees.


At the beginning of 2019, we obtained certification of our processes in line with the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, which ensures the quality of our services and its continuous improvement, within the following scope:

  • Design, Development and Management of Engineering Projects;
  • Audits and Energy Certification;
  • Energy Sustainability Audits;
  • Technical Due Diligence – DDT.


This distinction shows the involvement of the whole team in the pursuit of rigor, zeal and commitment principles, supported by an adequate training policy, both in our expertise and Quality areas.

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Audits and Energy Certification

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Building Sustainability Assessment

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Technical Due Diligence - DDT

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Project Management

With an extensive professional experience and transversal skills in developing small, medium and large projects, Project Management is based on a detailed analysis and presentation of integrated technical solutions from the project design phase to its delivery to the final client.

what we do

Project Management includes:

- Aims of the design and planning according to the client requirements;  

- Project work stages planning;

- Definition of design team responsibilities;

- Follow-up with the licensing entities;

- Analysis and compatibility of architectural and engineering projects;

- Budget Control solutions adapted to the Developer’s needs.

Engineering Projects

We have a team of dedicated and multidisciplinary Design Engineers, which allow us to present "turnkey" proposals, adapted to t customer needs.

what we do

We combine the best methodologies, such as BIM, with the latest modeling software, like REVIT.

- Foundations and Structures;

- Water Supply and Sewage;

- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC);

- Smoke Extraction;

- Solar Installations;

- Thermal Performance of Building;

- Integrated Fire Safety;

- Electrical Installations, Telecommunications and ITED;

- Lighting (natural, artificial and decorative integrated lighting);

- Acoustics;

- Centralized Technical Management and Consumptions Management;

- Energy Licensing and Certification in residential (REH) and commercial buildings (RECS);

- Safety and Health Plans in the design phase;

- Construction Waste Management Plans.

Audits and Energy Certification - SCE

With proven experience in the market, we are recognized for our technical competencies and ability to perform several audits simultaneously. At Enes you can expect a team of multidisciplinary engineers, with SCE Auditors and Qualified Experts by ADENE, PQI and PQII.

what we do

We have a large portfolio of small, medium and large commercial and service buildings, including several shopping centres, a casino, hospitals, hotels, retail area, residential buildings and dwellings.

We acknowledge that in all audits there are opportunities for energy savings, whether due to changes in behaviors and adjustments to the facilities functioning or by implementation of energy management and costing systems.

- Measurement and monitoring temperatures, humidity and energy consumption;

- Measurement of air and water flows;

- Measurement of brightness and intensity;

- Audit Reporting;

- Indoor air quality measurements of physicochemical pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), PM10e PM2.5 Particles, Formaldehyde), air collection for microbiological analysis (Bacteria and fungi) and water analysis for Legionella.

SGCIE Audits

The SGCIE (Energy Intensive Consumer Management System) audits are applied to buildings intended for industry and to buildings without exclusive activity of commerce and services, but applied to the installation area, which reached more than 500 toe (Tons of Oil Equivalent) per year, in the previous calendar year.

However, SGCIE can be applied to commercial and service buildings, voluntarily, in order to define the Energy Consumption Rationalization Agreements.

Thus, the main objective of SGCIE Energy Audits is based on the reduction of three main energy indicators, which in this way make the installation more efficient and environmentally friendly.

what we do

SGCIE Audits allow:

- Detailed study of all technical systems implemented at the installation;

- Consumption analysis of all forms of energy inherent in the proper functioning of the installation (eg: Electricity, Natural Gas, Fossil Fuels, etc.) - through energy bills and consumption measurement / monitoring;

- Elaboration of an Energy Rationalization Plan - identification and planning of measures that promote energy efficiency, thereby reducing consumption, which in turn minimizes CO2 emissions to the atmosphere;

- Distinguish Buildings or Facilities with better Energy Efficiency.

Building Sustainability Assessment

The sustainability of the built environment and the proper use of resources are the main focus in Enes, being its transverse applicability in all the services we provide.

A sustainable assessment evaluates the construction and performance of residential or commercial buildings throughout their entire life cycle, from the concept design phase to the end of life.

what we do

The sustainability assessment is carried out by verifying environmental, social and economic parameters, according to the methodology requirements (BREEAM, LiderA or SBTool), by integrating the most efficient measures and the sustainable performance, minimizing the negative impacts in the surrounding environment.

Technical Due Diligence - DDT

Technical Due Diligence consists of a detailed evaluation of the building conservation and operation state, including technical installations, the current legislation compliance and local standards to support the Developer in real estate operations.

what we do

After local analysis by our expert team, a technical opinion is prepared with all suggestions for improvement and budget estimate.

- Analysis of technical and administrative documentation;

- Building Technical evaluation of conservation state and facilities operation;

- Consulting and collecting official documents;

- Costs Estimate for the required intervention to the building;

- Final Report with technical recommendations.

Aqua+ Consulting

Applied to residential buildings, the Aqua+ Consulting allows to voluntarily assess the water performance of properties, being applied to all water use and distribution equipment (cold and hot), to water and networks sources and outdoor water use.

Improvement measures can be applied in two different situations: in new buildings or undergoing rehabilitation, to obtain maximum efficiency and classification at an early stage, and in buildings in use, in order to optimize water consumption.

what we do

The Aqua+ rating allows:

- Evaluate and compare performance by recognized method;

- Identify opportunities for efficiency and optimization of consumption;

- Identify measures that allow water and cost savings;

- Distinguish the most efficient property.

Lighting Design

The Lighting Design service is the balance between art and technology, applied to lighting projects.

Lighting has biological and physical consequences that can affect the health and well-being of human beings. Biologically, a good lighting design can help stabilize our circadian system, benefiting our mood and contributing to greater productivity and general well-being.

Lighting is a technically difficult, although amazing, topic that requires mastery of a number of constantly evolving disciplines.

what we do

Lighting Design service includes:

- Definition of the lighting project concept, together with the Architecture;

- Lighting Project;

- Support to Architecture, in the context of consultancy and new technologies in lighting design;

- Support to the Electrotechnical Engineering team, within the scope of Luminotechnical Studies.



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