Showroom Amorim

Corticeira Amorim, the largest world producer of cork products and the most international of Portuguese companies, felt the need to create space to exhibit its products.

We designed a space to be integrated in the company's facilities, in São Paio de Oleiros, where it was intended to create a wide space with interactive media for presentations, conferences, training courses, a space that would stand out in the market.

We developed the engineering projects in collaboration with Barbosa & Guimarães Architects, being

Architect Pedro Guimarães a key member on architecture design and development process of the building.

The complex come out as an important set of spaces and valences in product presentation and synergies development. The bold architectural features, with elements in reinforced concrete, the design of shadings coated with black cork agglomerate and the predominance of large glazed openings give continuity between the exhibition space and the surrounding exterior arrangements, where the cork oaks make this complex a space of excellence and a valuable tool in the activity of AMORIM REVESTIMENTOS.

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