Quinta do Forte

Enes team collaborated in Project Management with Sebastião Moreira, architect in 236Arquitectos, for the development of Quinta do Forte Allotment, designed for the housing sector and located in the centre of Foz do Douro, Porto.

This residential complex consists of 4 parcels, each one for a detached-house, and fifth parcel for a 5-apartment building, with a common underground parking area. In order to meet the high quality and demand level in this area of Porto, each detached house has 3 distinctive floors, four bedrooms and private outdoor garden. All apartments have an exterior and generous area, ensuring a visual connection between interior and exterior spaces.

To ensure thermal comfort, were installed windows with double glazing and aluminium window frames with thermal break, and external blinds.

Domestic hot water for each apartment/house is produced by a solar system, using renewable resources with no CO2 emissions.

The heating system consists of high efficiency natural gas condensing boilers, connected to a system of radiators installed in all main rooms.

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Rua da Torrinha, 75 r/c Dto
4050-611 Porto

P.: +351 224 920 054

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