The rehabilitation was based on three existing buildings located at the intersection of Lapa Street and S. Domingos Street. We made a total intervention in two of the buildings, maintaining only the façade.  Tthe third building preserved its original structure.

Enes team participated in the engineering design, from the developed design to issuing license for use, including the elaboration of technical references.

The purpose of this project was to create higher asset value and luxury spaces in a noble Lisbon area. Several lots were joined into a single one and the rehabilitation of the three existing bordering buildings for residential use, in a total of 7 houses. In the patio area was created a parking zone with a patio in the superior area, both private and common area for residents.

This residential complex was awarded by Magazine Imobiliário with the Oscar for “Best National Real Estate Development” under residential category, in 2015.

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